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Corporate Wellness

A specialized corporate program designed to promote health, teach health awareness initiatives, and learn how to modify unhealthy behaviors within a company. Through a holistic approach, Abi will teach and provide the tools needed to work towards living a healthy way of life. She will offer nutrition advice, customized workouts, motivational techniques, and key daily habits to optimize both emotional and physical health. Abi’s efforts are to improve workplace wellness and disease prevention by promoting and supporting healthy habits through a structured program.

Corporate Wellness Package

This program includes: lifestyle coaching, nutrition guidance, workout protocols, and motivational techniques.

Abi will come into your work place and teach how to practice a healthy way of life for weight loss management and sustainable health results.

You will walk away with customized programs for both training and nutrition for every individual within your company, as well as weekly check-ins by Abi for accountability purposes.

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