Weight Loss Management


Programs created and designed by Abi. All programs will improve the individual's cardiovascular health, muscle strength, as well as improving one’s mentality and self-image. Workouts are intended to challenge everyone physically and mentally so results occur and are sustainable. Abi is currently creating more content so stay tuned for new programs releasing Spring and Summer 2018.

Abi’s Apple Bottom Glute E-Book

This is a 12 week periodized program to help build and shape the glutes. The program includes the following:

• A 3 month structured resistance training program
• Tips on proper warm up protocols and activation techniques
• Rest times
• Lift tempos
• Abi’s personal glute transformation

Price: $19.99

Abi's High Intensity Full Body Workout E-book

20 full body conditioning workouts to strengthen and tone the whole body.

Includes a combination of whole body circuits, plyometrics, ab circuits and bodyweight exercises.

Intermediate to Advanced level workouts. 

Get ready to sweat and feel that burn! You will walk away sore after each workout, guaranteed!

Price: $39.99

Abi's 8 Week Tone and Shred Training Program

This is an 8 week structured resistance training program set up with workout splits and a cardio program. Includes:

• 2 separate periodized workout plans
• Rest times
• Lift tempos
• Metabolic conditioning cardio program
• Tips and notes on exercise execution

Price: $49.99