Abi Roman Testimonials


Ashley Eddisford
Ottawa, Ontario

Ashley Eddisford Testimonial 1
Ashley Eddisford Testimonial 2

“I have had the pleasure to work with Abi for over a year. Not only has she been a fantastic coach, but I truly consider her a mentor.I initially began working with Abi after desperately needing to find a healthy lifestyle balance after my first bikini competition. Post competition, I experienced a bad rebound and was unable to balance healthy eating with lack of diet restrictions. I was gaining weight at a rapid pace and unable to develop the muscle definition I desired in my off season. I turned to Abi for help. She provided me not only with coaching and support, but gave me nutritional knowledge to help me manage my eating habits. I knew without a doubt that Abi would be a fantastic coach for me as I prepped for another competition. Currently, I am in the middle of prep and I can always count of Abi to answer my questions, give me tough love, and motivate me when I need it. She doesn’t just provide meal plans and work out plans, she is always available when I need her, and some days, well, it’s more than others. Unlike previous preps, working towards my goals isn’t a chore, but rather an enjoyable journey. Thank you Abi, I truly cannot thank you enough for everything you have taught me along the way. I highly recommend Abi as a coach. You will be lucky to have a coach as devoted as Abi”.

Kessa Scriver
Regina, Saskatchewan

Kessa Scriver Testimonial

“Abianna, your 8 week transformation challenge May 2017-July 1st 2017 and it was exactly what I needed at my stage in my fitness journey. I was stuck in a rut! I knew I wanted to take my fitness to the next level, but I didn't know how. Your program provided me with the knowledge and motivation to get out of my plateau and push myself to a new level of fitness. I am extremely body confident and proud of the shape I'm in because of your program!”

Laila Abreu
Vaughan, Ontario

“Abi, my dear! I want to thank you so much for training me not just to get a better shape, but training me to get stronger, to get unstoppable. You are the sweetest and most passionate trainer I've ever met and that made a huge difference on my fitness goals. Thank you for always being there. I'm blessed to have you in my life!!”

Kim McClelland
Uxbridge, Ontario

Kim McClleland Testimonial
Kim McClleland Testimonial
Kim McClleland Testimonial
Kim McClleland Testimonial

“Just after my 30th birthday I decided it was time to start investing in my health. With very little motivation and no experience I was introduced to Abi and immediately after meeting her I knew this was going to be one of the best decisions of my life. Abi took my goals and started from scratch in training me from the ground up—not only physically but mentally and emotionally too. She poured her passion for fitness and overall health into me from day 1 and I haven’t been the same since! I have seen my goals surpassed to the making of new ones through her careful training in “muscle-mind connection” and making sure each exercise is done properly to prevent injury. Her knowledge in meal plans and taking the appropriate vitamins to meet your goals is also a huge asset. Abi’s positivity and dedication is infectious! You will not regret making her your coach”

Anna Harju
Toronto, Ontario

“I've always loved working out and being active but found it hard to stay motivated. After the holidays I wanted to start the new year healthy and active with big fitness goals. I thought what better way to do this than do Abi's fitness challenge! The plan helped me stay focused and motivated instead of feeling clueless at the gym and not knowing what I was eating. Having a fitness and meal plan completely changed my fitness life. I'm the kind of person that needs guidance and a set plan. With this plan, I would wake up at 5am and go to the gym. I always looked forward to the next session right after. The challenge made me want to continue this as a permanent lifestyle. I have more energy, feel more educated about fitness and feel so much stronger.

Abi really helped me start 2018 in the perfect way and I will be forever grateful to her for changing my life and helping me be a healthier, stronger, more confident person!”

Grace Kehoe
North Bay, Ontario

I have battled with serve body image issues for quite some time now, never thinking I was “big enough” or “lean enough”. Its become hard to accept the body Ive been given and what I have to work with when I see how easy it comes for some others. It took me awhile to become at peace with myself, and to be honest I didnt really start to feel that until I started working with Abi. She reminded me of where I started. Before I only used to see what there was to accomplish, “that end goal” that seemed so far away. But when you have someone in your corner reminding you of where you started, it allows for your brain to register that theres been growth and more to come. This was because I was shown proof that it had already happened. Yes, this journey was hard but it was Abi that made it manageable, attainable and even more so enjoyable. She pushed me outside of my comfort zone with exercises and movements that I never would have done because it wasn’t “my style” of working out. My body responded well to this shock of training. And it worked! I eventually adapted to this style and started to look forward to that “burn” feeling again that I once loved in my workouts, and I thrived off of that during my time at the gym. I would leave feeling like I worked hard. That best part too was that she didn’t restrict me either. I was given an adequate amount of food to fuel my body properly and specific instructions for how to keep my body fuelled throughout the day. I was also given a cheat mean every week, not when I was told that “I could have a cheat meal when coach says” like previous coaches in the past have told me, leaving me feeling limited or restricted. Abi’s approach was much more desirable. In the end I didn't get the exact goals I had wanted, but she has brought me pretty damn close, but thats because everyones body works at different paces and mine just may be a bit behind. But Abi uncoved a goal that I didn't even know was really all that important, and that was self-love — truly loving our body. Oh and I finally got some hamstrings so I guess that makes me happy too 😉 😂 . I am one client that will most definitely working with Abi again! She brought me this far so I might as well let her take me to the finish line! Can’t wait to have big beautiful hamstring and dicey abs!

Jennifer Commisso
Vaughan, Ontario

Jennifer Commiso Testimonial
Jennifer Commiso Testimonial

I am so fortunate to have had such an amazing coach to guide me through my first ever bikini competition prep! Throughout these 12 weeks, Abi was there for me not only in the traditional sense as a coach -where she provided me with a detailed meal, training, and supplement regiment -but she also offered her support and guidance as a confidant through the mental and emotional components of prep. Abi made herself extremely available to me and accommodated all my needs. She was always eager to answer any questions and did so in a prompt and personable manner through phone calls and check ins. Through her positive charm and upbeat personality it is evident that Abi truly loves what she does and genuinely cares for and believes in her clients. Through her expertise, Abi helped me to place 3rd in my first ever bikini competition and I could not have done it without her! I cannot thank her enough for her ongoing support as she continues to make sure my health and fitness needs are being met long after the competition has finished. Abi is the true definition of a coach and I would recommend her services to anyone!

Dee M.
Vancouver, British Columbia

I have been working with Abi for just over a year now, I came to her at a time when I knew I had to find someone I could trust to help me prepare for my big day, my wedding! I have been training for years and played sports most of my life but I've struggled to find the right coach to help me through the plateaus and hard times. Abi, you've inspired me to build a better life for myself and have really taught me the importance of making fitness a lifestyle. My life has improved beyond measure over the course of our journey together! You have taught me how to take care of my body beyond the gym. The combination of your fitness, meal plans, diet and supplementation has elevated my game! I work in a high stress industry mixed with shift work and various lifestyle factors that can impede visiting a regular trainer on a daily basis. Despite being remote and training online, you have found a way to motivate me harder than anyone I have worked one on one in the past. For years I have been searching for a coach, mentor and friend and I am so lucky to have the whole package in you! I used to focus on the "easy" parts of fitness, training the parts I like while neglecting the ones that I didn't. With Abi's program she's helped balance my physique, built overall strength, flexibility and endurance while making it FUN. I have been injury free since training with Abi and my overall mood, happiness, strength and attitude towards a consistent training regime has improved overall! Thank you Abi for leading by example always and truly loving what you do. Abi has always come at my tough times with support and willingness to listen to my body and sometimes let me actually eat the stuff that I want :). She's flexible with meal planning, adapts to your lifestyle needs, really listens and cares about you. I couldn't imagine continuing my fitness journey with out you!