Are you ready to take on my next fitness challenge?

Let me help you transform your body and adopt a sustainable healthy lifestyle



I’ve designed this fitness transformation challenge to help transform not only your body but your lifestyle. This challenge will teach you how to effectively track macros with flexible dieting, and make your nutrition needs easy! Your program will be available to you through my ‘AR Fitness’ app on your smartphone and available on your computer. This app is extremely easy to use with instructional how-to videos for each exercise. You’ll be able to easily check-in to each workout and follow along at the tips of your fingers. You’ll have complete access to me through the app or email for the entire duration of the challenge. You’ll also have access to a group chat and Facebook Membership Page where you can share, motivate and encourage each other!

Upon completion of your payment, a follow up email will be sent to you to provide you access for next steps in the Abi Roman Fitness App ❤️


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