There will be no returns or refunds on any of my workout programs, nutrition programs, online services or completed personal training sessions that are purchased through ABI ROMAN FITNESS under any circumstance. All sales in regards to workout programs and training programs are final. NO EXCEPTIONS.

The products and services from ABI ROMAN FITNESS are intended to be fully implemented, sometimes they are not, which could result in a lack of progress/results for the user. If you implement the products and services from ABI ROMAN FITNESS correctly you should see results, however, it must be disclaimed that even when consumers implement any products or services in full from ABI ROMAN FITNESS it is still possible they will not get the results they may have expected and it is also possible they will not lose fat or gain muscle or achieve any positive results of any kind. Because of this, and several other reasons including, but not limited to, injuries, illness, etc, there will be no refunds or returns on any of my programs or training services under any circumstances.

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